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Renee isn't your typical entrepreneur - she's launched three six-figure businesses and values family above all else. From her worldly adventures to settling in the beautiful Gold Coast, she's a seeker of wisdom and stories. As your trusted mentor, she's here to support you in social media or entrepreneurial endeavours. With a flexible mindset and a knack for turning dreams into reality, Renee invites you to join her on this exciting journey to success, filled with laughter, solid plans, and shared ambition for greatness.

Fear not, my friend. My business coaching is your shortcut to success. With Renee De Jong approved strategies and support, you'll go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as you conquer challenges and reach your goals with ease. Apply Now.

My coaching combo is your ticket to launching and managing a successful social media business. From setting up accounts to creating engaging content, Renee will guide you through every step. With personalised coaching, you'll have expert support as you turn your passion into profit. Let's get started on your social media journey.

Think of it as your secret weapon to social media success. It's free, it's fabulous, and it's waiting for you.